Aviation automation climbs new heights with ALIAS | FCW

The Defense Department’s investment in artificial intelligence and battlefield autonomy starts in the lab, but not much if it stays there.

“This is all a part of operationalizing autonomy,” Lt. Col. Philip Root, acting deputy director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Tactical Technology Office, told FCW. “Those words really mean something to me. ”

Autonomy, which Root called AI in practice, “means experimenting with [the application] until it actually becomes useful. That takes a different kind of commitment.”

DARPA’s Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) project sets out to make autonomy the battlefield norm and is expected to complete its first fly-by-wire experiment led by Sikorsky in May or June. A demo will come later this fall.

Source: Aviation automation climbs new heights with ALIAS — FCW

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