DOD looks to unify software spending for 2020 | FCW

The Defense Department wants software development as a single line item in its 2020 budget.

DOD acquisition head, Ellen Lord, said the Pentagon is lobbying Congress to get “multiple pilots where we would have just one line for software development so we can move back and forth amongst those different stages” – research and development, production and sustainment — in the 2020 defense spending bill because software modernization requires new and specific authorities.

“Right now, if you do DevOps, what you’re going to be doing is development, production and sustainment all at once most of the time. We have different pools of money that we have to carefully allocate,” Lord said during a Pentagon news briefing announcing the congressional release of the Defense Innovation Board’s final software acquisition study.

Source: DOD looks to unify software spending for 2020 — FCW

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