How AI Will Transform Anti-Submarine Warfare | Defense One

Even today’s best sonar technology doesn’t give a sub captain a very good sense of the battlespace, says Jules Jaffe, a research oceanographer at Scripps Oceanography at the University of California San Diego who is embarking on the U.S. Navy program.

“What the submariners get is a low-dimensional picture. So if you are towing an array, you get information like bearing and sometimes frequency information,” Jaffe said at the Defense One / Nextgov Genius Machines Summit here on Tuesday.

There’s a lot of potentially valuable data that towed sonar doesn’t capture because it’s only collecting one type of data and only at one point. If you could collect and properly analyze sound and wave data from other points in the ocean, you could develop a much better sense of what an adversary is doing.

Source: How AI Will Transform Anti-Submarine Warfare – Defense One

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