Software Integration Key to IIoT | EE Times

DDS is an IIoT connectivity standard that specifically addresses the growing software integration challenges in industrial systems.

Automation platforms require an increasing amount of distributed software at the control and process levels. Once a technician monitored and controlled the mud pump subsystem on the rig and coordinated with other technicians running other subsystems like the drill head. With an automation platform, there are compute nodes running software applications that manage both subsystems.

These applications need to share data at high rates between dozens to hundreds of software applications in ways that are secure and can scale. This is where the use of DDS, one of the core IIoT connectivity standards suggested by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), has proven its value.

OPC UA is another IIC core connectivity standard in industrial automation used to address the device integration challenge.

Source: Software Integration Key to IIoT | EE Times

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