Moving from NewSpace to “NowSpace” | Via Satellite

After reading an interesting Via Satellite article, “Satellite Manufacturing in a State of Transition,” it brought to mind the dynamics that set the industry on the creative manufacturing path we’re on today.

Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed a huge disruption in the space industry. Government contracts, have been augmented by the acceleration of commercial entrants focused on agility and innovation, lighting a spark that ignited the entire industry – and leading to a new focus on building satellites faster and making space more accessible.

This conversation about speed continues. But, I would argue that the days of conceptual thinking are over.

Our warfighters simply can’t wait. We need to deliver mission relevant capability at unprecedented speed and affordability.

It’s no longer about NewSpace; it’s about “Now Space.”

Source: Moving from NewSpace to “NowSpace” – Via Satellite –

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