Health Care Is Causing Rifts in the Democratic Party | US News

The critics are out in full force, attacking Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s “Medicare for All” plan, calling it unrealistic, way too expensive, “a big mistake” and an unpopular, “elitist” approach that would kick Americans off their private insurance plans while imposing new taxes.

And those are just the Democrats.

Like presidential candidates and presidents going back to Harry Truman, Warren has offered a plan to deal with health care coverage and costs, an issue that remains a leading concern of American voters tired of high drug prices, “surprise” medical bills and uncertain coverage.

But Democrats in and out of the presidential primary race worry that Warren’s sweeping Medicare for All single-payer system puts the party back on the defense on a campaign agenda item they believe could be – and should be – a winner for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot next year.

Source: Health Care Is Causing Rifts in the Democratic Party | America 2020 | US News

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