Europe risks losing strategic clout in Western Balkans |

Trouble spots and tensions surrounding the European Union are continuing: Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Eastern Mediterranean. In the south of the European Union, an arc of geopolitical instability is being formed and we must not allow it to expand, ten former foreign ministers warn in an open letter.

Stability, democracy and prosperity in Southeast Europe are directly linked to the consolidation of the European project and the completion of the reunification of our continent with the accession of Western Balkan countries, a process that started 30 years ago.

The obstinate opposition to opening EU accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia, despite the recommendation of the European Commission and the will of the vast majority of the member states and European Parliament, has put in jeopardy the EU’s remaining influence on its own doorstep and its ability to shape strategic developments and stability in Southeast Europe.

Source: Europe risks losing strategic clout in Western Balkans –

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