The Capitals Special: Europe’s 5G dilemma |

EU ministers adopted conclusions on Tuesday concerning the importance and security of 5G technology, which stress that an approach to 5G cybersecurity should be comprehensive and risk-based, while also taking into account ‘non-technical factors’.

What we found proved to be unambiguous: Europe’s future in 5G is completely dependent on wider geopolitical relations, namely with the US and, unsurprisingly, China. When Commission President Ursula von Der Leyen refers to hers as a ‘geopolitical’ Commission, she is not wrong.

More generally, the Commission’s October report on the coordinated risk assessment of 5G networks noted that “threats posed by states or state-backed actors are perceived to be of highest relevance,” and member states have now been tasked with working on a set of risk alleviating measures to mitigate the cybersecurity risks outlined in the report.

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