Mike Bloomberg Could Be the Democrats’ Secret Weapon | US News

The swanky hotel ballroom was packed with an estimated 1,000 women, carrying glasses of wine and waving campaign signs as they greeted the slight, nerdy-looking 77-year-old as if he were a music legend – or maybe even a headline speaker at the Women’s March. “We Like Mike! We Like Mike!” they shouted, drowning out the pop music blaring from a sophisticated sound system.

The man of honor, Mike Bloomberg, smiled appreciatively before launching into a campaign pitch made for the audience. He gave the obligatory credit to the “strong women” in his life who have made the multibillionaire who he is. He ridiculed President Donald Trump as a man he knew during his 12 years as New York City mayor – and still regards – as “just a failed businessman who desperately wanted to be on TV.”

Source: Mike Bloomberg Could Be the Democrats’ Secret Weapon | America 2020 | US News

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