Bernie Sanders: The Democrats’ Donald Trump? | US News

He demonizes the press, accusing the media of covering up his true support. He has a deeply devoted following, some of whose self-identified members respond angrily, even vindictively, when their candidate’s name is besmirched. He complains of a “rigged” process. He doesn’t have much allegiance to party, even as he declares himself the best person to pilot it. The Russians reportedly want him to win.

It may have described Donald Trump in 2016, when Democrats were unable to stop him from winning the presidency. But this year, that man is Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and many Democrats are finding themselves in a similar position – unable so far to stop a candidate who has a movement that trumps politics and is upending the very institution Sanders is trying to lead.

Source: Bernie Sanders: The Democrats’ Donald Trump? | America 2020 | US News

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