Does China Have Imagination? | EE Times

There’s a corporate boardroom drama unfolding at Imagination Technologies (Kings Langley, the U.K.) that features high finance, international intrigue, and an all-star cast. It’s an irresistible story, and like many of the greatest TV dramas, the suspense hinges on figuring out who’s the real villain. Is it…

Who you suspect to be the villain probably depends on where you stand in the geo-political spectrum.

If you think Imagination should be considered a British asset because it was founded in the U.K., and therefore should not be cozying up with China, you are aligned with Ron Black, Oliver Dowden and Houssein Yassaie.

But if you’re of the philosophy that capital has supreme rights, regardless of where company headquarters are located, then you’re siding with the financiers at Canyon Ridge, which owns Imagination Tech lock, stock, and barrel.

Source: Does China Have Imagination? | EE Times

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