EDN | Learning and working in the era of COVID-19

Our niece, a student at Purdue (who I’ve mentioned before), arrived a couple of weekends ago to (originally) spend the week with us. She and I were planning on going skiing/snowboarding a few times during her stay. But while her plane was in the air, all Colorado ski resorts were shuttered due a burgeoning COVID-19 “hot spot” in Summit and Eagle counties.

Even before taking off for Colorado, she already knew she wouldn’t be returning to the classroom after spring break was over; while students had the week off, teachers were gearing up for a transition to online instruction. She ended up turning around and flying back home after only a couple of days with us; we wanted to make sure she got back to her “nuclear family” before flights got canceled by either government decree or financial pressures.

Purdue’s online education system is built on foundation technology developed by Blackboard.com.

According to my niece, the setup is reasonably intuitive and works pretty well; her biggest challenge is that different teachers use it in different ways.

Source: EDN – Learning and working in the era of COVID-19

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