Joe Biden Struggles to Campaign Virtually | US News

“Hello, Milwaukee!” the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said. “Thank you all for welcoming me into your city.”

Except – they weren’t, exactly, and he wasn’t. Biden was in his Delaware home, doing a virtual “rally” with the battleground state’s biggest city. It’s the new reality of campaigning during a pandemic, and it’s still a challenge for Biden, whose first campaign for office was a half century ago.

Wednesday’s “rally” went off without much of a hitch, unlike an early May event aimed at Tampa, Florida. That event, the first virtual rally the campaign held, was marred by technical glitches, some unexplained blank screens and a baffled-looking Biden asking “am I on?” as he took off his signature aviator glasses to address the Internet crowd.

Source: Joe Biden Struggles to Campaign Virtually | America 2020 | US News

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