Hikvision Admits Minority Recognition, Now Claims Canceled

For the first time, Hikvision has directly addressed its minority recognition software, acknowledging that it offered this, but now claims to have removed it. However, Hikvision declined to clarify the status of their Uyghur recognition analytics.

However, there are two major issues with Hikvision’s statement.

First, Hikvision provided Politiken no proof that it had actually phased out minority recognition while this functionality has been mandated by the PRC. As IPVM has covered, the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security – which oversees China law enforcement – includes Uyghur recognition in its face rec guidelines, while numerous PRC police video surveillance projects mandate Uyghur recognition in their RFPs.

Given that Hikvision is a state-controlled company with large PRC police contracts, Hikvision has significant incentive to continue this inside of the PRC.

Source: Hikvision Admits Minority Recognition, Now Claims Canceled

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