Pennsylvania’s Broadband Challenges Are Worse Than Thought | Route Fifty

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University spent much of this year studying internet speeds across the state, and found that only a small fraction of residents—just under 10 percent—live in areas that meet the Federal Communication Commission’s minimum speed needed for … Continue reading

Capacity Media | US ‘one of most costly Western nations for broadband’

Fixed broadband customers in Ukraine pay an average of $5 a month, while Americans pay 14 times that – making the US one of the most expensive places in the world for fast internet service. The US is 120th most … Continue reading

FCC Commissioner calls public broadband ‘ominous threat’ to First Amendment | TheHill

FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly claimed that “municipalities such as Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Wilson, North Carolina, have been notorious for their use of speech codes in the terms of service of state-owned networks, prohibiting users from transmitting content that falls into … Continue reading

AT&T’s fix for the broadband mapping problem? Get everyone’s address | FierceWireless

Federal telecom regulators have a well-documented problem: They don’t know where telecommunications services are, exactly. But AT&T is proposing a potential solution to this problem. And it’s a solution that involves one big element: Get everyone’s address. Source: AT&T’s fix … Continue reading

Rural Americans Suffer the Costs of Faulty FCC Broadband Data | Pacific Standard

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate requirements for cable operators to report information on the services they provide, including broadband speeds, the number of subscribers, and information about the equipment a particular operator provides. The FCC claims that … Continue reading

Broadband subscriptions are up, but too many households are still disconnected

.. broadband doesn’t yet look like the country’s other essential systems. Unlike water and energy, which reach almost all households, broadband subscription gaps are sizable and build barriers to economic opportunity in the process. Whether it’s consumers who are forced … Continue reading

Rockwell Collins To Provide Iridium’s Aviation Broadband | Via Satellite

Iridium Certus will deliver L-band broadband to the aviation industry with small form factor antennas and terminals. The Iridium Certus High-Gain Antenna (HGA) solutions will provide data speed options of up to 704 Kbps, and eventually as high as approximately … Continue reading

Urban Broadband Needs Upgrading, Too | Route Fifty

Patchwork broadband service in urban centers often goes overlooked, given the pervasive lack of access in many rural counties, but affects “virtually equal numbers of people” in states like Ohio, said one digital equity advocate. In Cleveland, the high cost … Continue reading

AT&T sours on 5G fixed wireless broadband | EDN

AT&T doesn’t have a good business case for fixed wireless broadband, according to company CFO John Stephens. It’s a remarkable assertion for a number of reasons. A couple of years back, AT&T and Verizon irritated the entire wireless industry by … Continue reading

The Agony of Rural America’s Inescapable Broadband Gap | Pacific Standard

In an ideal world, state and federal government officials would absolutely treat the Internet as a public utility, an essential resource for not just modern business, but modern homes; as Rick Paulus  put it, connectivity “has gone from optional to … Continue reading