Rugged connectors for field radios, portable computers, and night vision introduced by ODU

The rugged miniature ODU AMC connector offers shell diameters as small as 10 millimeters to 18.5 millimeters and provides as many as 40 contacts, the connector includes several high density signal configurations and tailored versions for power to 15 amps … Continue reading

TUM achieves first fully-automatic landing with vision assisted navigation | Intelligent Aerospace

Autopilot during takeoff and landings have reduced stress in cockpits for decades, but researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have pulled off a pretty neat achievement: they have landed a small aircraft without any ground-based antennas to facilitate … Continue reading

University develops smart glass that could offer a new route to artificial intelligence and machine vision | Military & Aerospace Electronics

Everything needed for image recognition is condensed into single pieces of glass. The technology could be used someday to embed facial recognition in smartphones. The glass distinguishes among different images by distorting incoming light waves. The glass works as a … Continue reading

Sierra Nevada to build synthetic vision helicopter avionics for degraded visual environment (DVE) conditions | Military & Aerospace Electronics

U.S. Air Force helicopter avionics experts needed synthetic vision equipment to enable helicopter pilots to land and take off in degraded visual conditions like snow whiteout or dense clouds of dust. They found their solution from Sierra Nevada Corp. in … Continue reading

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier flight deck crews use computer simulation to train in virtual reality

The system enables individuals, teams, and multi-teams to exercise and rehearse flight-deck operations within an expandable framework of game-based, immersive 3D technologies, ONR officials say. TEPs (Training Expansion Packs) was developed by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division … Continue reading

The Ingenious Way TV Logos Were Made Before Computers

It’s easy to forget that there was a time when every identity design or title sequence was made physically, as a recently unearthed photo that shows the making of the 1962 Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française logo reminds us. Source: The Ingenious Way … Continue reading

IBM is launching the “IBM Q” division to turn quantum computing into an actual business | Quartz

As it stands, IBM’s largest quantum computer has five qubits. By contrast the average laptop has hundreds of millions of bits in its processors, although the two types of computers are not directly comparable. IBM hopes, however, to continue its … Continue reading

Leonardo DRS to Help US Military Connect C5ISR Systems, Combat Vehicles Under $808M IDIQ | GovCon Wire

Leonardo DRS has won a potential $808M contract from the Defense Logistics Agency Land to supply U.S. military branches with a set of electronic devices that can link combat ground vehicles with command, control, communications, computer, combat, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The … Continue reading

Tech Trends That Will Change How You Work | Design News

With advances in human/machine interaction matched with edge processing and cloud connectivity, we’ll see plenty of changes in 2020 and the decade that follows. We caught up with Synaptics CTO, Patrick Worfolk to get his take on the major technology … Continue reading

Army looks to commercialize automated photogrammetry system that can make 3D aerial maps in minutes | Military & Aerospace Electronics

Photogrammetry compares several photos of the same location to produce a 3D map. In some cases is still relies on human intelligence to determine which frames of a video would help produce the best results. Ricky Massaro from the Army’s … Continue reading