Demonetization: Time to accept the blunder: Here’s what Manmohan has to say on note ban anniversary

[India] Former prime minister Manmohan Singh, a usually reticent man, is back with his critique of demonetization and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has now talked about some serious impacts of note ban on India’s informal sector and independence of … Continue reading

Three countries across three continents: After Modi’s India, demonetization has spread to other countries, too | Quartz

Six weeks ago, when prime minister Narendra Modi announced his government’s decision to demonetize Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes, it wasn’t just Indians who were taken aback. World leaders, economists, and international organizations watched the bold experiment with a mix of … Continue reading

Demonetization: Narendra Modi’s 50-Day deadline for re-monetization set to fail

We are 17 days away from Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s 50-day deadline to end the worst effects of the scrapping of 86 percent –by value–of India’s currency. In the chest-thumping, hand-wringing and controversy that has ensued since the announcement on … Continue reading

Why demonetization has been disruptive for India | Livemint

The challenge of scaling up the infrastructure for cashless payments is a big one, but there are two related challenges India faces in its attempt to transition to a cashless economy: bridging the country’s great digital divide and changing old … Continue reading

India demonetization news: Modi’s black money move kept a closely guarded secret

Some officials in the finance ministry had expressed doubts about scrapping high-value notes when the idea came up for discussion. They now feel resentment at the secrecy in which Hasmukh Adhia rammed through the plan on Modi’s orders. They also … Continue reading

Currency Demonetization effect: Why cryptocurrency is gaining currency in cashless times | The Economic Times

[India] The price of bitcoins on Zebpay, which claims to have over 1.3 lakh users, surged from Rs 51,600 to Rs 69,500 (per bitcoin) in a mere 18 days after the demonetization speech of November 8. Sahil Shah sold his … Continue reading

Absolutely True – Demonetization Will Boost India’s GDP – But How True Is It?

.. that move from black to white will increase our recorded GDP, the Ministers are entirely correct on this. However, this doesn’t make anyone better off–we are after all already insisting that the economic activity was already taking place, and … Continue reading

Demonetization won’t clean Indian politics; only the nature of vote-buying will change. Read why

Clientelism, on the other hand, does not involve distribution of cash or its use to provide voters with goodies. It involves providing benefits such as a job in a public sector undertaking if the particular candidate gets elected and becomes … Continue reading

No Secret: Private businessmen from the corporate world were part of demonetization decision-making!

[India] The Notification says that this demonetization is to give effect to the recommendation of the Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India. And, as a matter of fact, this Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India comprises … Continue reading

Post demonetization: Dealing with demonetization, Kerala style | Times of India

[India] It’s the donation box of St Martin De Porrues, Ernakulam that doubled up as an ATM for its devotees, when bank ATMs went dry. Upon realizing that its parishioners are pinched for money, the priest announced at the Sunday … Continue reading