Ajit Pai wins (and loses) in court as net neutrality repeal is mostly upheld | Ars Technica

“We uphold the 2018 Order, with two exceptions,” the judges’ ruling said. “First, the Court concludes that the Commission has not shown legal authority to issue its Preemption Directive, which would have barred states from imposing any rule or requirement … Continue reading

House panel approves bill reinstating net neutrality rules | TheHill

House Democrats advanced their flagship net neutrality bill on Wednesday, clearing the final hurdle before a floor vote next week. The House Energy and Commerce Committee in a 30-22 party-line vote approved the Save the Internet Act, which would reinstate … Continue reading

Appeals court hears net neutrality arguments | FierceTelecom

Net neutrality is once again under the microscope with a federal appeals court hearing arguments Friday on whether the Trump administration was justified in repealing the Obama-era net neutrality rules back in 2017. Separate from that court hearing, a U.S. … Continue reading

Supreme Court refuses to take up challenge to Obama-era net neutrality rules | TheHill

While the Supreme Court’s order is a win for net neutrality supporters, the fight over how internet access will be regulated is still far from over. The FCC voted 3-2 along party lines last December to repeal the rules, a … Continue reading

U.S. Supreme Court ends fight over Obama-era net neutrality rules | Reuters

The high court decision not to throw out the 2016 U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruling leaves a legal precedent in place that could help net neutrality supporters in any future legal battle if that … Continue reading

Saving net neutrality: How Congress could overturn the FCC’s repeal | Vox

Net neutrality still has a shot at survival, but its vital signs are weakening. As of June 11, 2018, the FCC’s controversial repeal of the 2015 act that enshrined net neutrality into law has officially taken effect. That means net … Continue reading

States defy FCC repeal of net neutrality | TheHill

Washington and Oregon have already passed their own laws to fill the void left by the FCC’s repeal, and California appears to be close behind after the state Senate passed a net neutrality bill on Wednesday. A total of 29 … Continue reading

California Senate votes to restore net neutrality | The Verge

After the FCC moved to eliminate net neutrality rules, states began implementing their own measures. In January, over 20 attorneys general sued the commission before the order was even published. Some governors attempted to use executive orders, while others worked … Continue reading

Senate Votes to Stop Undoing of Net Neutrality Rules | Time

The Obama-era rule prevented providers such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from interfering with internet traffic and favoring their own sites and apps. Critics, including the Trump administration, said over-regulation was stifling innovation. Three Republicans joined with Democrats in voting … Continue reading

Making Sense of the Challenges to the FCC’s Net Neutrality Rollback | Pacific Standard

In December, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality rules that had been in place since 2015. The new FCC regulations would stop regulating the Internet as a utility, and no longer prevent companies from charging different rates … Continue reading