Nortel given thumbs up to pay $7.3bn to creditors

Nortel was once a key Canadian technology vendor with a market capitalisation of around $250 billion, but filed for Chapter 11 protection in its home country and the US, selling off a number of business units after it failed to … Continue reading

Nortel settles fight to divvy up $7.3 billion from liquidation | Reuters

Ontario-based Nortel stumbled from ranking among the world’s most valuable companies during the 1990s Internet bubble to bankruptcy in 2009 and liquidation. The cash at the center of the dispute was raised from the sale of Nortel’s global businesses, including … Continue reading

Nortel — Five Years On | No Jitter

So, what has happened with Nortel technology since that fateful day? Millions of telephones, servers, gateways, and applications don’t just up and disappear overnight. The vultures were out in strong forces trying to pick away at the carcass, and while … Continue reading

LiveDeposition Releases Case Study on Nortel Networks, Inc. Bankruptcy Trial

With their LocalRealtime™ and RemoteRealtime™ solutions, LiveDeposition gives legal teams the tools they need to participate in depositions from any location. Whether on-site at a deposition location or on the other side of the world, legal teams can receive realtime … Continue reading

‘We gave it everything we had’: Former Nortel chief moves on, promoting Macedonia economy | Financial Post

The Brampton, Ont.-based behemoth was in a free fall: its $15-billion market value had evaporated to $160-million by the end of 2008. “We thought we had a platform in early 2008, operationally and strategically, that was made for growth” via … Continue reading

Independent directors sank Nortel | Financial Post

Independent directors sank Nortel | Financial Post.

Nortel, Monster, Thonet, Valbruna: Intellectual Property | Businessweek

Judges in Toronto and Wilmington, Delaware, focused on whether Nortel’s parent company gave away its rights to part of the cash when it prepared to sell assets, including thousands of telecommunications patents after the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009. … Continue reading

Nortel bankruptcy trial nears end as competitors eye lucrative remains

The Canadian position is that Nortel Networks Ltd., the Canadian parent, owned the patents and intellectual property and just licensed rights to the subsidiaries under a master research and development agreement, or MRDA. via Nortel bankruptcy trial nears end as … Continue reading

Nortel Judges Query Patent Licenses in $7 Billion Fight | Businessweek

The case pits more than 20,000 former Nortel employees in Canada against bondholders in the U.S. who may collect all of their principal plus $1 billion in interest. Pensioners of Nortel’s U.K. unit are also seeking part of the cash. … Continue reading

Nortel European Units Seek Slice of Cash for Past Work | Bloomberg

Each group is trying to convince a U.S. bankruptcy judge and a Canadian judge that its method for dividing the money is best. via Nortel European Units Seek Slice of Cash for Past Work – Bloomberg.