FCC Rural Broadband Fund Would Move Funds From Existing Program | Nextgov

The rural broadband fund that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai proposed last week would rely on funding from an existing broadband program slated to expire next year, while also setting higher standards for internet speeds, according to the FCC. … Continue reading

Trump Administration Releases Rural Broadband Strategy | Nextgov

A report released by the White House, which was compiled by 20 agencies, includes the widely cited statistic that 24 million people can’t get broadband service in the United States, with about 80 percent of those people living in rural … Continue reading

Rural broadband push highlights long-standing data issues | GCN

Few would dispute the benefits broadband internet brings to education, economic development, health care, government services and consumers. Delivering broadband to those constituencies in rural areas, however, has been a longstanding issue that’s getting some renewed attention. Part of the … Continue reading

Cash, Innovation, Airwaves: The Recipe for Rural Broadband | Broadcasting & Cable

.. for 23.4 million rural Americans – roughly the population of New York City and Los Angeles and Chicago and Houston and Philadelphia and Phoenix and San Antonio and San Diego, combined –access to quality broadband internet remains out of … Continue reading

FCC Carries Rural Broadband Baton as Infrastructure Plan Languishes | Bloomberg BNA

Twenty-three million rural Americans lack access to broadband, according to the Federal Communications Commission’s 2016 Broadband Progress Report. Washington policymakers and companies such as Microsoft Corp. want to bring that number down. But the issue isn’t moving very fast on … Continue reading

So long, satellite: Why UK’s rural broadband vouchers are better spent elsewhere | Ars Technica UK

“Satellite can be viable if all other options have been exhausted. Experience from our forum users is that if they can get 1Mbps from ADSL this is often a better solution,” notes Andrew Ferguson, an analyst at Thinkbroadband.com. “Satellite broadband … Continue reading

Blackburn Joins Rural Broadband Caucus | U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn

“Over half of all rural Americans lack access to broadband, many of whom live in Tennessee’s Seventh Congressional District. This deficiency affects our rural communities’ ability to meet public safety needs, deliver top-notch education and grow businesses that thrive. Reliable, … Continue reading

Commissioner Pai Announces Rural Broadband Plan | FCC.gov

.. because of a quirk of regulatory history: Our rules governing small, rural carriers continue to provide universal service support only to networks that supply telephone service, not stand-alone broadband service. That regulatory system has increasingly come under strain as … Continue reading

German industry is poised to exploit rural broadband | PCWorld

Internet speeds of 50Mbps are nothing but a pipe dream for most inhabitants of Britain, while even 5Mbps would be a welcome boost for many living in remote areas. Yet by 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants all Germans, even … Continue reading

FCC Takes Major Strides Toward Further Expansion of Rural Broadband | FCC.gov

FCC Takes Major Strides Toward Further Expansion of Rural Broadband | FCC.gov.