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Network industry is operating on flawed foundational principles

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN In a nutshell, the current situation with cyber security [2] is the direct result of the developments during the the “internet bubble,” in the 1990s. Collapse of the Bell Labs permitted the unchecked growth of … Continue reading

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Root cause of the battle between the FBI and Apple

In case you are not familiar with details of the high stakes battle between the FBI and Apple, here are some links to help get started [2, 3, 4, 5]. This is another example of legal overreach, which is a … Continue reading

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Consultation Process on Differential Pricing for Data Services

Response to Consultation Process on Differential Pricing for Data Services by TRAI (India) Here are my answers to the questions on Differential Pricing for Data Services. Question 1: Should the TSPs be allowed to have differential pricing for data usage … Continue reading

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State of Telecommunications

First, Tom Wheeler, the Federal Communication Commission Chairman, must be congratulated for adroitly navigating the “net neutrality” whirlpools [2] and positioning the FCC as the champion of “fast, fair and open” internet. However, there is a risk that future FCC may … Continue reading

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Financialization in telecom

The normal role for finance in the economy is to facilitate trade and production efficiently. Through these transactions profits are generated. However, due to dysfunctional factors, it can become more profitable to use financial methods to generate profits without trade … Continue reading


Tragedy of Internet Commons

The explanation by Verizon about the recent dispute between Netflix and Verizon highlights the problems of inadequate ownership rights [2, 3, 4] and lack of commonly accepted sustainable practices with internet. Another unrelated factor that is making things even more … Continue reading

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Internet Fast and Slow Lanes

One area of confusion in the current internet debate is the “fast lane” and “slow lane” controversy. The FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said, “I will not allow some companies to force Internet users into a slow lane so that others … Continue reading

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An Internet Transit Map

“In the world of tech policy there are few issues more conflict-laden and wrapped up in misunderstandings than net neutrality,” says Doug Brake in The Hill. There is no shortage of internet maps [2, 3]. But what is missing is … Continue reading

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Recommendations to the FCC for the path forward

The FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, wrote accurately in his blog, “the idea of net neutrality (or the Open Internet) has been discussed for a decade with no lasting results.” The stalemate is the result of an attempt to solve technology … Continue reading

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How to learn effectively using the internet

It is common knowledge that the internet is a treasure trove of information. And one of the often repeated applications of the internet and broadband is education. But using the internet as a learning tool is easier said than done. … Continue reading

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