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Root cause of the battle between the FBI and Apple

In case you are not familiar with details of the high stakes battle between the FBI and Apple, here are some links to help get started [2, 3, 4, 5]. This is another example of legal overreach, which is a … Continue reading

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Lack of clear definitions leading to confusing internet regulations

The ruling by the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) on the “Free Basics” [2] by Facebook has created more confusion: “Can’t regulate intranet tariffs, says TRAI chief.” There is lack of concrete definitions for “internet things.” For examples, ‘internet, … Continue reading

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State of Telecommunications

First, Tom Wheeler, the Federal Communication Commission Chairman, must be congratulated for adroitly navigating the “net neutrality” whirlpools [2] and positioning the FCC as the champion of “fast, fair and open” internet. However, there is a risk that future FCC may … Continue reading

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An Internet Transit Map

“In the world of tech policy there are few issues more conflict-laden and wrapped up in misunderstandings than net neutrality,” says Doug Brake in The Hill. There is no shortage of internet maps [2, 3]. But what is missing is … Continue reading

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